Bunker Hill Dog Training

Your one stop shop for dog training, grooming and supplies.


Call for an appointment:  815-362-2045

We do all breed dog grooming (sorry, no cats) including mixed breeds.  All groomings are by appointment, so call us to set up a time.

Prices are based upon the individual dog, breed type and size, temperament, condition, etc.   There is no set price per breed.  (ie:  a badly matted, parasite infested dog with a tendency to bite will cost much more than a well-maintained, parasite free dog with a sweet temperament.)  Please call for pricing.

Nail Trim only is $10.00 per dog.  (Aggressive or hard to manage dogs will be $15.00 for trim. Most nails are trimmed with a grinder and not clippers.) 

Full Groom Includes:  Bath (no extra charge for conditioning, herbal, oatmeal aloe, hypo-allergenic, etc.), blueberry/vanilla facial, massage, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland cleaning, blow dry, clipping, brush out,  bows and/or bandana, cologne.  Nail polish by request only.

Extra fees will automatically be added for:  Extensive hand trimming/stripping, parasites, matted dogs, skunk odor removal, burrs, tar, gum, aggressive or unmanageable temperaments, etc.  We reserve the right to refuse service at any time during the grooming for unmanageable, ill or vicious dogs.

Extra fees will also apply for late pickups and missed appointments with no advanced notice.